Mike Caputo

Candidate for WV House of Delegates District 50


Morgantown/Kingwood Branch of the NAACP 2020 Questionnaire

A. How do you plan to improve access to health care and public health information for minority communities in West Virginia? 

I believe the answer is simple. We need for healthcare to be a priority for our state government. It shouldn’t take a global pandemic for people to begin to realize how vital the healthcare is for every West Virginian. I always been an advocate for West Virginian’s healthcare. Just recently, after Fairmont Regional Medical Center was closed, I worked tirelessly alongside so many others to keep this important location open. We need to make sure rural health-care is protected. 

B. In what ways should police departments and bystanding police officers be held accountable for their officers’ violent acts and misconduct?

My entire life one thing I have prided myself on is to bring people together. I would bring people together to work on this issue. One thing we certainly need to do is invest in more training for members of our law enforcement. But, I want to be clear, I am proud to be endorsed by Law Enforcement, but we can always improve and do better.

C. In what ways have you fought discrimination that targeted people of color either in the workplace or in the community?

I will always stand against discrimination. We need to continue to work for a West Virginia which is Wild & Wonderful for all of our citizens. I have always stood up against discrimination because it is quite simply the right thing to do and I will always continue to do that. 

D. What actions will you take against voter suppression?

I will strongly advocate for every citizen’s right to vote, which is absolutely critical to our democracy which is essential. It is fundamental to who we are as Americans. For 24 years in the House of Delegates, I have worked tirelessly to be a voice for all West Virginians right to vote. I will work to not just fight against voter suppression taking place, but also work to prevent it from occurring

E. Do you support the following bills, which have been introduced in the WV legislature?