Redistricting 2021

WV redistricting is here!


Watch our Q&A video with WV Del. John Williams and
WV Del. Mike Caputo, hosted by Morgantown/Kingwood
NAACP Political Action Chair Bekah Aranda


Redistricting is a process that happens every 10 years based on population data provided from the census. Many different processes exist to divide voters into districts, but many are unfair and biased to ensure election outcomes, which is called gerrymandering.  This year, our partisan redistricting commission will separate West Virginians into new Congressional, WV Senate, and WV House of Delegates districts.


Do you want your representatives to represent your community or merely a preselected group cherry-picked by politicians to ensure “safe” reelection?

The WV Legislature Joint Committee on Redistricting wants YOUR voice and input about fair redistricting at a public meeting in Monongalia County on August 12th!

August 12, 6-8 PM. Arrive from 5:30 to 6:00 to sign up to speak
UPDATED LOCATION: Hazel & J.W. Ruby Community Center
111 Mylan Park Lane, Morgantown, WV 26501

(see this link for additional locations)

How redistricting works in WV

  • Per our state constitution, WV uses a partisan committee to determine redistricting. Whichever party is in power gets to determine district lines for the next 10 years – this is not a fair process.
  • WV will be going from 3 federal congressional districts to 2 in 2021 due to population loss over the last 10 years. 
  • Based on a bill passed by the state legislature, the WV House of Delegates districts will move from 67 multi-member districts in parts of the state to 100 single-member districts. 
    • For example, voters in district 51 in Mon County previously got to vote for 5 delegates. Now, that region will be split into 5 separate districts and each voter will select 1 delegate. 
  • The 17 state senate districts encompass roughly 100k residents each; Monongalia county has roughly 125k residents so we will be split into at least 2 districts ; currently we are in 3 (districts 2, 13, 14).

What makes a fair redistricting?

  • Fair districts include Compact representations of our Communities, with Contiguity of boundaries that closely resemble our Counties
  • Redistricting should be transparent and participatory, with public hearings for accountability
  • Nonpartisan redistricting commissions are the gold standard for fair elections. West Virginians should demand nothing less
  • The WV Legislature must act to change the laws around redistricting if we are to have a nonpartisan commission for the next redistricting period. Alternatively, federal legislation such as the For the People Act would require that all 50 states meet this standard.

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